My projects portfolio is displayed by topic to further display and validate my tech skills. This page will be under continuous revision as I create new projects or upload modified assigned projects that were completed during my course work and professional development studies. If you are in discussion of a job opportunity with me, you are welcome to request access to a private DropBox link that shows my class projects until this site portfolio is completed.

Q. Do you have samples of your writing and coding abilities?

A. Yes. I have numerous code projects (C#, .NET, VB, XML, Matlab, CSS3, HTML5, etc.) that are available on my private DropBox by request. They are available privately as a courtesy to my professors as to not publish their assignments, etc. There are also some limited code project samples available on my GitHub account. I plan on building an online portfolio of projects for display. Writing samples from my undergraduate and graduate studies are available on my private DropBox account. To request access to view my samples on DropBox you should 1.) be in a job opportunity discussion with me and 2.) e-mail me.

Q. Do you have samples of your writing and coding abilities from your "professional" experience?

A. Would you want me sharing your company's code with prospective employers? I have signed and agreed to numerous non-disclousure agreements that prevents me with retaining, sharing, exhibiting, and otherwise showing any work I have done for my previous clients and employers. Code written for previous employers and clients are confidential and will not be shared (would you want me saving and publicly sharing your project code?). You may contact my many employer, client, and coworker references to validate their satisfaction with my technical abilities.

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My Projects Portfolio